Dowshu Brand is 21years old in 2018.
Dowshu started in Cork Ireland in 1997 and expanded to the United Kingdom, South Korea and China in early 2000.Dowshu established itself as a leader in new Intelligent Digital CCTV management Systems. In 2006 group turnover exceeded €10million as the preferred choice of Industry and Retail.
Over 500,000 cameras installed in both the UK and Ireland have benefitted from Dowshu intelligent control and recording equipment since 1997.
The company created many new brands between 1997 and 2010, including Hawk Cow Calving Systems, Azuage Camera Systems, Cathronics Cameras and Digital Recording /Management Systems alongside the core Dowshu range of products.
In the downturn in 2008/9, Dowshu like many other companies suffered badly from exposure to bad debt and falling demand for high end products.
In 2015 the business was taken over by local management and the business developed new products to cater for a market which was now demanding intelligent low cost effective solutions.
Today’s Dowshu specialty technology caters for applications where cabling of power or indeed relaying video and data through cable infrastructure is challenging.
Where cabling is not a restriction Dowshu has developed more cost effective methods of delivering the services that our customers demand.
Dowshu technology sees challenges as a gateway for us to provide solutions.
Dowshu now works directly in co operation with the end user to achieve a bespoke solution to the needs of the individual or company.