Dowshu ABBT 10000 Series, Tri-brid DVR and Network Control Systems

Dowshu ABBT (Advanced Building Block Technology) Tri-brid DVRs  take the confusion out of a Clients concern when it comes to the decision making process as to what equipment to purchase in order to provide the best Security Solution ,with top end features which will last the test of time.

There are so many different CCTV Camera options available today that it has all become very confusing for both Installer and Client .  There are Standard Analogue Cameras which have served the test of time, but lack the Resolution of more modern Camera Systems. Then there is the IP CCTV Camera revolution which started over a decade ago  , initially providing similar resolutions to standard analogue cameras before the introduction of IP, HD,Mega Pixel Cameras. In the last 5 years a new breed of Camera has been introduced, its Digital Data Camera similar to IP Cameras but unlike IP Cameras it delivers full resolution  uncompressed data for Live Viewing and DVR. Processing.  This Camera format is known as HD-SDI and presently delivers up to 2.4mega pixel or over five times the resolution of existing standard analogue cameras.

Over the last 3 years we have seen some major advances in Analogue Cameras, first with the introduction of Analogue 960H, which delivers up to 25% more resolution than standard Analogue Cameras. Then more recently we have seen the introduction of Analogue Mega Pixel (up to 2 mega pixels on some systems) under 3 different formats (with possibly more to come) HD-CVI, HD-TVI and AHD.

Unlike many other Manufacturers of quality DVR products, Dowshu has not opted for one or other Technology, but encompassed the best of all Technologies when it came to developing the Dowshu ABBT series of Tri-brid DVRs.

Dowshu brief is to record quality images from all Camera formats, enhance the quality of image and provide an array of intelligent time saving features, providing the Client with much more than just colourful pictures. A Dowshu DVR is a vital money saving tool in any business, which will pay for itself over and over again throughout its 15 year lifespan..

The Dowshu ABBT 10000 Series of Tri-brid  DVRs  are equipped with the latest and most Advanced Technology that the CCTV Industry has yet to experience with HD quality   pictures , once the reserve of the Movie Industry and Intelligent Analysis and Picture enhancement Tools  straight from the latest CSI  episode.

Now there is a DVR on the market that can cater for all Camera Technologies New, Old and those in Development with up to 64 Cameras in one unit solution or many hundreds of Cameras using Dowshu ABBT Cascade Cloud Server..

The Dowshu ABBT 10000 Series will seamlessly integrate Analogue Cameras, Analogue HD Cameras, HD- SDI Mega Pixel cameras and IP Mega Pixel Cameras.


Dowshu Tri-brid

Dowshu Tri-brid  is designed to cater for all new and emerging camera developments.  Using Dowshu Tri-brid the Digital Video Recording System will never becomes obsolete or outdated. All Dowshu Tri-brid, DVRs are already designed to integrate new Camera Technologies as they emerge. Dowshu ABBT delivers on both the Hardware and Software that makes this possible. Dowshu Tri-brid one Unit Solutions come in 4-8-12-16-24-32-48 and 64 Camera Systems with all other options available on 4 camera increments i.


Dowshu ABBT (Advanced Building Block Technology)

Dowshu ABBT is the only system which is auto-scalable, allowing the client to expand camera capacity without the expense of replacing existing equipment. All Dowshu ABBT models will cater from 4 to 64 cameras as standard.  This is achieved by the high specification of our unique Hardware platform which is standard in all DVRs and capable of powering from one to 64 cameras in a single unit solution. Dowshu ABBT will presently cater for up to 52 terra bytes of on board hard drive storage with all raid level options available.

Dowshu ABBT Cloud

Dowshu ABBT Cloud has been designed and developed for applications right now and well into the future, allowing Simultaneous recording of all Cameras off site using our own Cloud Storage Servers or straight to the Cloud System Service provider of your choosing. Dowshu ABBT Cloud Software controls the most demanding of Offsite archiving with simple access anywhere in the world using Dowshu Wi-Crypt Security Verification.


DOWSHU Enhances existing Picture Quality

Dowshu ABBT DVRs can enhance the most inferior of Cameras used under the worst of conditions ,so just imagine the effect a Dowshu DVR has when HD Mega Pixel Cameras are added to the System. Dowshu picture enhancement features brings sharpness and detail to the most blurred of scenes.


Intelligent Features that are simple to Use

Unlike the majority of  CCTV,DVR  Products on the market today Dowshu ABBT DVRs turn what may seem like the complex into simple Intelligent everyday functionality through smart design of our Intuitive Guided User Interface (GUI). All features and controls on Dowshu DVRs are laid out in a defined clear informative manner and do not require continuous referencing to the instruction manual. This simplicity of use highlights the Dowshu philosophy of attention to detail in all aspects of Design and development of our products.


While all DVRs Record Cameras, only Dowshu has a host of smart features enabling  Incidents to be retrieved Instantly.

While the basic function of all DVRs is to record cameras and store video for long periods of time few if any allow you to retrieve Incidents and  information Instantly .

Most DVR platforms are simple in design and work on the principle that the information you require has been recorded so now you go find what your looking for by trawling through hours, days and perhaps weeks of video footage. . So if you know the time and date that an incident took place or if the system is set to motion or sensor record, then it can be easy to find an event, but if as in the case of most incidents you’re not sure of the exact time day or even the  week an incident took place, you will have play back endless hours of video footage.

Dowshu smart Video retrieval features let you find what you’re looking for Instantly. Find it now…. Instant retrieval of recorded Video.


Some of our Quick Search Features

  1. Instant Time & Date Search ( second bar, minute bar and  hour bar)
  2. Fast Motion & Sensor Search by Event .
  3. Intelligent Search by  moving object only
  4. Random Search by Panorama multi screen view .
  5. Exclusive Search by  stationery object or person only
  6. Directional Search  by moving object or person
  7. Alert Search by displaced object only.
  8. Auto Search by speed of moving object.
  9. Alarm Search by newly introduced object
  10. Search by objects and people by rule and exceptions set up.
  11. Cash trail  Search by POS transaction receipt ,by rule or exception
  12. Car Search by Vehicle Registration Number
  13. Confined Search by Camera segment.
  14. Visual enhancement Search.
  15. Search by Text Prompt.
  16. Search with Audio.


Operator Features

  1. Intuitively  easy to learn  User Interface
  2. Graphical pop up prompt menus.
  3. Flexible Multiple monitor layout, for Live Playback and camera matrix.
  4. Password Protection Secured by Dowshu Wi – Crypt Security .
  5. Simultaneous Live and Playback monitoring.
  6. PTZ/Dome Control through mouse powered on Screen compass control.
  7. Real time on screen status reporting of all functions
  8. Drag and drop function for all  camera locations
  9. Virtual Matrix Control
  10. On Screen Alerts and Mapping
  11. All Camera Formats on the same Screen.


Dowshu Tri-brid System Build  

While the foundation of any flexible and reliable DVR system is built on the quality, design and functionality of the applied hardware ,it is generally the design, concept and functionality of the System Software that provides the added intelligence that separates products.

The majority of DVRs on the market today lack the hardware to run Software applications such as those found in the Dowshu 10000 ABBT series.

In the race to the bottom on price most of the better principles of quality, design, functionality and reliability have been lost by manufacturers who promote  price and sales volume as their main business principles. The Dowshu motto has always been about customer satisfaction and value for money.

Dowshu 10000 Series ABBT, DVRs are built to Professional Business Server Standard. All components are manufactured from grade A materials that are constructed to meet the demands of present and future applications.

The Design and Build Platform for the Dowshu 10000 Series ABBT, DVRs is modular in both hardware and Software Construction, making the whole system adaptable to new emerging technologies quickly and efficiently without delay or added expense.


Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Once a Dowshu DVR Installation has been completed and the User has familiarised themselves with operations and features, the DVR will provide  years of trouble free service. No special or regular maintenance is required other than that which is normal for any CCTV System.

Due to the modular design of the Dowshu 10000 ABBT Series, In the unlikely  event of failure during the course of normal operation, Dowshu trained Installers can effect a  fast and effective repair without the need for the DVR leaving Site. Alternatively if it is just operational or a Software query Dowshu personnel are on hand to make Software changes online and provide telephone Support.

In the unlikely event of failure during the course of normal operation, Dowshu’s trained installers can perform a fast and effective repair without the need for the DVR to leave the site. This is possible due to the modular design of the Dowshu 10000 Tri-brid ABBT Series. Alternatively if it is just operational or a software query Dowshu personnel are on hand to make software changes online and provide telephone support.


Networking and Mobile APPs

In a Industry where on site Quality of picture reproduction has become secondary to the hunger by people for Mobile Phone Applications (APPS), once again Dowshu has taken the lead in a new refreshing manner by Developing all Network and other On the go Mobile Applications as part of the overall design structure of Software and Hardware at blueprint stage. . While the number one priority is quality of image reproduction  and user features  onsite, as Part of our first Cloud Clone Software launched in 2011 we have been able to develop the right combination to ensure that all the benefits of quality and features onsite can be transferred  to Local and Remote Network users. Our Cloud Clone Networking and Mobile phone APPS delivers quality at exceptional speed, while allowing access to all of Dowshu’s special and unique features.