Dowshu 1997-2020

Since 1997, the Dowshu brand has been at the cutting edge of innovation in the CCTV and Security industry internationally.
The Dowshu icon series of digital video recorders transformed analogue video into the modern digital age long before digital became the buzz word it is today.
Over 500000 cameras installed in both the UK and Ireland have benefitted from Dowshu intelligent control and recording equipment since 1997.
November 2020
Over the last number of years Dowshu has continued with new product developments for the CCTV Industry and the broader Security markets.
In 2017 we undertook a strategic review and as a result we developed new products for new markets outside of CCTV/Security.
In 2017 we entered the water technology market and in May 2020 Dowshu launched a new product range for combating Covid 19.
In 2021 Dowshu will enter a new chapter in business with the launch of more products in areas of Security, Health /Wellbeing and Safety.
Since May 2020 Dowshu products have helped in the fight to contain the spread of Covid 19.
Our Dowshu Smart Auto sensing Hands free Temperature check systems have enjoyed sales in over 15 countries on 3 continents.
Dowshu products are all about Smart reliable feature driven Technology at affordable prices.
Our innovation and technology is driven by the desire to do things better for our customers .
Dowshu products are promoted through Dowshu and through our online portal at Honest H2o.