The New Dowshu: A Future Built On A Solid History

Since 1997, the Dowshu brand has been at the cutting edge of innovation in the CCTV industry internationally.

The Dowshu icon series of digital video recorders transformed analogue video into the modern digital age long before digital became the buzz word it is today.

Over 500000 cameras installed in both the UK and Ireland have benefitted from Dowshu’s intelligent control and recording equipment since 1997.

  • Dowshu’s Tri-brid is the affordable intelligent Digital Video Recorder that can record all recognised CCTV cameras, both in standard and Mega Pixel formats.
  • Dowshu’s ABBT (advanced building Blocks Technology) is the only Digital Video Recorder that can expand capacity as clients requirements grow without the need for a replacement or factory upgrade.
  • Dowshu’s Tri-brid ABBT DVR is the only system by design with the necessary processing power to drive a complete suite of smart analytic features and functionality  while simultaneously recording from 4-64 cameras of all formats in a one unit solution.


Dowshu :Tri-brid Engineering

Dowshu’s Tri-brid engineering allows for the integration of all recognised CCTV camera formats in a one system solution. The need for this type system has become more apparent in recent years with the growth of mega CCTV camera technologies such as IP mega pixel cameras, HD-SDI mega pixel cameras ,CVI,TVI ,AHD Mega Pixel and the advent of 4K Technology.

Dowshu: Advanced Building Blocks Technology (ABBT)

The ABBT platform offers the client total flexibility when purchasing a system which will last 15 years or more. Through the use of a common platform throughout the range a client can purchase a 4 camera DVR today and upgrade overtime in increments of 4 up to a maximum of 64 cameras in one unit or indeed many 1000s of cameras using Dowshu’s cloud cascade server. This flexibility has enormous cost saving implications  for the client over the lifetime of the system.


Analytics & Data Mining 

The Dowshu Tri-brid ABBT platform is specially designed to cater for a suite of existing analytic and data mining add on features. Unlike competitors who offer basic features and functionality Dowshu’s hardware specifications allow for much more than just DVR/NVR functionality. All Dowshu’s Tri-brid ABBT models come with a complete suite of easy to use intelligent live and smart search functions as standard. In addition to this a host of other features can be added. These features include people counting, facial recognition,vehicle number plate recognition, behavioural and scene analysis and much more.


Dowshu Personnel

Our team offers expertise in all aspects of CCTV,Access Control and Alarm management system design.