Intelligent People Counting System
  • Traffic Flow/People Counter/Flow Restrictor for Restrooms and other applications. The DMC 2226 is a vital tool for protecting distancing rules applied during Covid19 emergency. Unlike many other manufacturers of similar products, we do not infringe GDPR rules by collecting information and data from people for operational purposes. The DMC 2226 Intelligent People Flow system will monitor and restrict the number of people allowed in restrooms, meeting rooms, canteens, and other common shared areas, with 100% accuracy once simple guidelines are implemented. The system consists of a monitoring point (Intelligence Centre, or IC), similar to an exit sign, which can be mounted in a visible location over or to one side of the door entrance to be accessed. Flush mounted green and red traffic flow lights and intelligent counter screens are a visible control and warning for all to see.
  • Manufacturer : Dowshu
  • Release Date : July 2020
  • Dimensions : 271 x 170 x 60mm
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