Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding CCTV systems.

1. What are the Financial options when purchasing a new CCTV System?

The following options are available to clients when choosing Dowtronics CCTV Products when installed by a registered accredited Dowshu Dealer.

  1. Complete System Rental over 3 years with end of term low cost buy out available, Rental is Tax efficient with small capital outlay up front.
  2. Outright purchase at up to half the price of competitor products.
  3. Trade in allowance on existing system.

Extra benefits offered by Dowshu products

a) All Dowshu CCTV Systems are scalable allowing the system to grow with the business without the need for costly replacement in the future.

B) Integrate Standard Analogue Cameras with Mega Pixel HD Cameras at no extra cost.

c) Single platform that will integrate with all other Camera Manufacturers.

d) Avail of Dowshu Suite of Analysis tools such as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) POS (Integration of till interface with video) People Counting (accurate foot fall count of customers) and many other features.

Note from the Authors

While Dowtronics Limited is a manufacturer of CCTV Products the information contained in the above article is meant to be unbiased, informative and an accurate reflection of what is happening in the CCTV Security Industry in 2015 .

We also strongly believe in the philosophy that it is more beneficial for the Client adopt new technology gradually over time so as the full beneficial effect can be experienced as each piece of an existing system is replaced. This more gradual approach to introducing new Technology is cost effective and allows the client greater control in the planning ,location and installation of each new product.


A client should be aware of the dangers of purchasing what is termed as a closed System, where each item may be a proprietary component of just one manufacturer which may negatively affect the cost and future availability of parts. All Dowshu Products work on an Open Platform philosophy which allows for compatibility with all other open platform manufacturers.


2. Is a CCTV Security System purely a visual Security aid?

While all CCTV Systems at the low end of the market are purely a Visual verification aid for business, Dowshu is among the few that offer so much more. In many respects our eyes are similar to the latest HD Camera technology with one major difference that seldom comes to mind and that is without the intelligence provided by our brains our eyes are very limited in interpreting what they see. It does not require genius to work out that even the latest HD Camera without a brain is limited in the amount of information it can also provide.    Dowshu Intelligence provide for behavioural analysis tools and Data mining aids which not alone provide just a visual aid to business but also reports vital trends and statistics . Dowshu Intelligence can predict events that are about to happen by applying rules to various different cameras reporting instantly exceptions as they occur which in turn can prevent an incident from happening by alerting security personnel or by electronically securing an area which is vulnerable.

Many of these intelligent aids come as standard when purchasing a Dowshu DVR and others can be added or requested for trial purposes on request.

When Thinking CCTV Security always think about the brain behind the camera first, otherwise you’re definitely not seeing the full picture.

Dowshu Intelligence a new standard in CCTV Security


3. Is there a trade in value on your present system when buying new? 

Dowshu has been the first company credited with the foresight to offer trade in on existing Dowshu DVRs systems against new models and now this is being extended to other manufacturer’s models. This offer was first introduced to Dowshu customers as a reward for loyalty and any losses in margin have been balanced by extra sales generated. So from October 2015 onwards Dowtronics Limited is opening up this incredible trade in offer to all other brands of CCTV Products for a limited trial period.

The trade in discount applied is an agreed % off the best cash price on offer prior to trade in.

Dowtronics Limited Deploy an open book pricing policy on all Dowshu product offerings


4. Is it a simple case of accepting that any type of a CCTV System is better than none at all?

In many businesses today CCTV is a must have requirement for perhaps Insurance, legal licensing or indeed on site Health and Safety regulations. In so many instances perhaps clients can be forgiven for purchasing what meets the basic criteria as the differentiating factors between good CCTV Systems and poor CCTV Systems are not readily apparent at first glance, so cost can become the only consideration. This is not to say that cost should not be a major consideration, but cost should be directly related to the long term value for money from the product selected.  It is perhaps a weakness in the industry as a whole that the client is not fully informed about all the different options and costing involved when planning to introduce CCTV as a business and Security tool.

Experience shows that a good well planned CCTV System when used as a business Audit tool  will pay dividends on the capital investment over its lifetime whereas a poor CCTV System will continually cost a business money.

Would you purchase a car without analysing the full facts? Investment in CCTV should be no less a consideration.


5. Is your CCTV security system obsolete, outdated or below present standards?

CCTV camera technology has advanced at pace over the last three years with a new breed of HD Cameras emerging at the same cost of existing low resolution analogue cameras.

Existing analogue cameras at optimum produced resolution equal to 430000pixels while similar priced HD cameras (formats: IP mega pixel, HD-SDI mega pixel, analogue mega pixel) today produce nearly five times the resolution, approx. 2.4 million pixels. Today it is economically viable to Install cameras of up to five Million Pixels for some special applications

In practical terms this means a new standard HD camera can provide five times more detail than an existing analogue camera or alternatively in many applications one HD camera can replace the need for five existing cameras and maintain the same picture quality.

So to avail of new HD cameras a client needs to only replace the DVR initially with a Tri-brid DVR such as the Dowshu 10000 series and then replace existing cameras with new HD cameras as old cameras fail or when the budget allows for replacement. This is by far the most practical and cost effective way of upgrading to new HD technology.

Dowshu Tri-brid 10000 ABBT series of DVRs have the highest specification and lowest cost in their class making Dowshu the obvious choice when upgrading.


6. Repair or upgrade, which is the better option?

If your existing CCTV System is giving you problems and you worry if repairs are viable, then it is wise to look at the alternatives and the cost implications. The case for a replacement can be overwhelming when one considers modern cameras can produce over five times the resolution of existing cameras. With Dowshu Tri-brid DVR’s you can upgrade to HD camera technology on a phased basis. Once a Dowshu Tri-brid DVR has been installed the options are endless as the Dowshu DVR will work with past, present and future camera technologies allowing for the repair of contemporary cameras or an upgrade to new HD cameras at will. In summary the most efficient and cost effective manner for existing CCTV clients is to move to the benefits of intelligent High Definition (HD) CCTV.


7. Do you fear investing in new technology that will be outdated after purchase?

While it is true that most CCTV DVRs are now little more than a commodity item that need replacing once faulty, it should be noted that more serious solutions like those offered by Dowshu are professionally designed with a comprehensive road map well into the future. The latest Dowshu ABBT, Tri-brid DVRs is designed to last over fifteen years. All Dowshu ABBT models are modular by design with up to twenty times more processing power allowing for future technology which low end products cannot cater for. Dowshu products have a host of intelligent features that place competitor products in a technology abyss.

Dowshu ICON DVRs purchased in 2002 are still in use on thousands of sites throughout the UK and Ireland, Dowshu products are built to last.


8. Are you concerned about poor picture clarity when reviewing incidents on your present CCTV system? 

There are many variables which can affect the quality of recorded CCTV video. In many instances issues of design and configuration first day may certainly lead to an overall dilution of quality of recorded video. Like any other product that is constantly in use regular maintenance is an absolute must. A more serious issue can be the quality of the live video from the cameras installed, so the rule of thumb is at best, recorded video on a good DVR will be similar to live video ,but never better than the live view. Then of course there is the quality of the DVR to be considered, including the resolution and compression that is used. As a general rule the bigger the investment in DVR and control equipment then the better the quality is of the recorded video.


9. Is your present CCTV system intelligent or does it just record video?

When investing in a low cost CCTV system expectations are low, but you do expect the system to have recorded video when and if required, but so many times this is not the case.

The market is flooded with low end DVR products from big players that simply do not meet accepted standards. So many modern DVR systems do not work in sync with the various components such as the hard drive storage medium causing catastrophic consequences when video from critical incidences is lost or never recorded in the first place.

A good DVR system has to have checks and balances in place to alert operators when failure has occurred to vital components such as storage hard drive devices, but too many products on offer do not have such basic intelligence available to highlight critical failure. In most instances the customer is accepting of this fact as they do not fully understand that just like the server that holds all business records, a DVR control system should be built to the same exacting standards. Dowshu DVRs are in essence Industrial servers with integrated operating systems that are constantly monitoring the working of all components, ensuring reliability 24/7/365.

Intelligent diagnostic features are imperative if you are to be guaranteed that a DVR is constantly working as it should, but alas this is not the case in most products and clients are not made aware of this in advance of purchase.